Christine Strain

Christine is on sabbatical and not taking clients (except repeats) until January of 2019Christine Strain VBAC Doula Atlanta

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In addition to teaching childbirth classes, I am also a DONA certified labor doula. I have been a doula for over 6 years and have attended over 115 births. I have attended all kinds of births – hospital, home, water, land, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC), multiples, breech – and I love attending all births, but I have a special place in my heart for VBAC moms as I have had a cesarean and three VBACs myself. Feel free to contact me for more information at

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Birth Doula Services

As my client, you will receive:

  • end-of-pregnancy support
  • assistance in identifying your birth preferences and writing a birth plan
  • physical, emotional, and informational support during labor and birth, beginning with active labor
  • immediate postpartum and initial breastfeeding support
  • written birth timeline
  • postpartum visit 1-4 weeks after birth

Other services such as pre-conception, extended pregnancy, or infertility support, and private childbirth classes are available for an additional fee.

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Christine came recommended by a family friend, and I ultimately reached out to her for my VBAC attempt when I realized she was THAT Christine, the knowledgeable and passionate leader from our local ICAN chapter. I stayed with a practice (and hospital) that Christine does not usually attend, but her professionalism shined through and it was not an issue. In fact, the midwife at my practice was very complimentary of Christine’s demeanor and professionalism after my VBAC labor, likening her to a supportive and calming member of the family…as opposed to someone I’d just met a few weeks earlier in reality. In our conversations leading up to the birth of my daughter, I found Christine’s energy, availability, and knowledge of evidence-based birth practices and personal experience with VBAC to be the “edge” I needed to truly feel confident – even excited – about trying VBAC. I had a quicker-than-expected labor, but Christine arrived right when we needed her most; she realized what was happening with my body before I (and certainly before my husband) did and could advise and guide me – worth the money right there in retrospect! And after delivery, it was special to have a maternal ally there to share in the euphoria when I held and nursed my daughter for the first time. I know there are no guarantees in labor, but we had a positive experience with Christine and certainly recommend her!
-Whitney Y.

“Christine was my doula for the birth of my first child. I also attended her Baby Steps birthing class. This class is a must! I was so comfortable and excited to go into labor and have my baby naturally, with her by my side. The birthing class was SO helpful and informative. Christine was able answer every question we had, with no hesitation. She knew the hospital, the doctor, and all the ins and outs. Because she was so informative, it was so easy to put all of my trust into her. During labor, Christine was constantly encouraging me and telling me that I can do this, even when I doubted myself. She was incredible. I looked up to her as she had three kids and one more on the way. I knew she knew what she was doing and I would recommend her to every woman looking for an incredible natural birth experience!!
I have moved away but I will do anything to have her at my next birth! Literally.”
-Heather C.