One thing that changed my life post kids

Once I had a child, my life became even more chaotic. I was working full time, with side hustles. I couldn’t just eat frozen dinners and fast food anymore. I needed to prep healthy and delicious meals for my family.

So, I delved into an area I thought I would never go: meal planning. Meal planning has revolutionized my grocery shopping (and therefore spending) and cooking. There isn’t ever a question of “what’s for dinner” because the plan and the recipes are printed out and hanging from our microwave. If I am late coming home, my husband can follow the recipe and cook dinner. Bonus for me, I come home to dinner on the table!

The tool that enabled me to do this is called Plan to Eat. It lets you import recipes from all over the Internet or get “friends” inside Plan to Eat and use their recipes. You pick which recipes you are going to use which day and it automatically generates a modifiable shopping list for you. It even lets your separate by store if you get certain things at the Farmer’s Market, per se.

So, I like to share this time of year because an annual subscription is 50% off on Black Friday every year. So, I only pay about $19 for this service each year.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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