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A Note from Sara, Owner of Atlanta Birth Doula


About Sara

Hi! I'm Sara, owner of Atlanta Birth Doula. Thank you for being here and checking out our website. A little about myself. I'm a registered nurse with 15 years of experience working in a local Atlanta hospital. I'm also a birth doula. I've been doing birth work for almost 4 years now. I've recently had to step back from working with clients. Back in April of 2021 my mother passed away from ALS. During the final week of her life I had to take off my birth doula hat and step into the role of death doula. Guiding her home took a toll on me. As I continue to process her loss I've realized that I'm not in a place to take on clients. So I'm taking this time to heal, take care of my family, and focus on mentoring our doulas and pursuing continuing education. This way I'm still a part of our community, striving to make it a better and safer place to give birth. In the meantime our Head Doula Stephanie W. will be assisting clients in finding the right doula for them!

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