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Contact us to schedule your free consultation. Our doulas offer services within a range of fees, starting at approximately $500 and up for Birth Doula Services (fees vary by doula and are subject to change). Please contact us so we can help you determine which doula will meet your needs.

Emily Watkins CD(DONA), Birth and Postpartum Doula

Atlanta Doula Emily WatkinsEmily is an experienced certified Birth Doula through DONA International. She has attended over 70 births since her training in 2013. She is currently working towards certification with DONA International as a Postpartum Doula and she also offers specialty postpartum services like Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum Belly Binding. To learn more about Emily and her services, please visit Emily’s Doula Services. Schedule your free consultation with Emily now!

Jennifer Rivera Birth and Postpartum Doula

Atlanta Birth Doula Jennifer RiveraJennifer is a professional doula, childbirth educator, and certified herbalist. Her own experiences with childbirth inspired her journey into the birth world after seeing firsthand that information and empowerment can greatly affect the overall experience of birth. She believes that birth is a natural process and it is her goal to help all women discover the power they have within to achieve the birth they desire! To learn more about Jennifer, visit Jennifer’s Doula Services Page. Schedule your free consultation with Jennifer now.

Sara Tettelbach, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Atlanta Doula SaraSara is a DONA Trained doula with experience as a nurse.  she wants women to feel empowered in their choices and confident in their bodies.  Sara is comfortable with high risk doula clients. To learn more about Sara, visit Sara’s High Risk Doula Atlanta services page.

Charmaine McNeil (Registered UK Midwife, now Doula), Birth and Postpartum Doula

Atlanta Doula CharmaineCharmaine has attended over 500 births as a midwife and doula in the UK. She recently moved to Alpharetta and is offering both birth and postpartum doula services to Atlanta families.  For more information about Charmaine, visit Charmaine’s Doula Services page.  Schedule your consultation with Charmaine now.

Zoe Das CLD CPE, Birth Doula

Atlanta Doula Zoe DasZoe is a Certified Labor Doula and Birth Educator who is currently working towards certification as a Midwife. Her services reflect her belief in your ability to make educated decisions that are right for your family, and she uses your choices to provide a unique plan of emotional and physical support to walk with you as closely as you desire to help you achieve your goals.  Zoe is also fluent in Spanish and Dutch.  To learn more about Zoe, visit Zoe’s Homebirth Doula Services Page. Schedule your free consultation with Zoe now.

Sherri Wilkerson CD(DONA), Postpartum Doula

sherri1Sherri is a DONA Certified Birth doula who has attended 50+ births.  She also offers placenta encapsulation. To learn more about Sherri and her services, please visit Sherri’s Doula Services page. Schedule your free consult with Sherri now.

Becca Doane, Birth Doula

Atlanta Doula BeccaBecca is a DONA trained birth doula with a passion for informed decision making and supporting women in their own choices for birth.    She is also a Baby Steps Childbirth Educator.   Schedule your free consult with Becca now.

Christine Strain CD(DONA), Birth Doula, VBAC

Christine Atlanta VBAC DoulaChristine Strain is a certified birth doula who has attended 100+ births. She supports all kinds of births, but she has a heart for VBAC moms, being a VBAC mom herself. To learn more about Christine and her services, please visit Christine’s VBAC Doula Services page. Schedule your free consult with Christine now.

Kristen Reece, Birth Doula

Atlanta Doula Kristen ReeceKristen Reece is a Christian and a DONA trained doula working toward her certification.  She is also fluent in Spanish (Espanol).   For more info about her services, check out Kristen’s Christian Doula Services page. Schedule your free consult with Kristen now.

Cass Martinez, Placenta Encapsulator

Atlanta Placenta Encapsulation Cass Martinez

Jill Blue, Birth Photographer

Jill Blue Atlanta Birth Photographer

Michelle Sonnedecker CLD, Birth and Postpartum Doula (MATERNITY LEAVE)

Michelle is certified as a Labor and trained as a Postpartum Doula through CAPPA.  She started her Doula journey in fall of 2015 but has always had a passion to serve women, children, and their families. She spent many years with helping families raise their children and though she still loves serving in that manner, she wanted to be with women from the beginning.  For more information, see Michelle’s Doula Services page. Schedule your free consultation with Michelle now.

Please note that each doula works for herself and herself only, and is not an employee of Atlanta Birth Doula. We strive to retain only the best doulas on our website, but we are not responsible or liable for their work in any way. If you have a complaint against any of the doulas listed herein, please let us know so we can reevaluate our relationship.