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Michelle is currently on maternity leave (Aug 2017 until …)

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My name is Michelle Sonnedecker. I moved to Georgia 4 years ago to be with my husband. I love serving at our church as a youth worship coach and team leader for young girls. I enjoy spending time with my husband leading worship and exploring the outdoors.

I am trained as a Labor and Postpartum Doula through CAPPA and working towards my certification. I started my Doula journey last fall but I have always had a passion to serve women, children, and their families. I have spent many years with helping families raise their children and though I still love serving in that manner I wanted to be with women from the beginning.

My passion is rooted in: no one should have to go through a memorable experience alone. All my life all I have ever wanted to do is serve however I can. I believe there is power in lovingly and compassionately supporting one another. Everyone women’s journey through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum will be beautiful in its own way and I am here to walk with you.

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Birth Doula Services

~ 1-2 prenatal visits (no-cost consultation) to discuss the families vision and preparation for birth

~ Phone/text/email support during pregnancy, labor (before active phase) and postpartum

~ Will attend provider appointment if desired

~ On call support starting at 37 weeks

~ Labor support: verbal encouragement, positioning changes, pin relief techniques and massage; starting at your home or hospital/birth center

~ informational support and incorporation of essential oils or natural remedies during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum

~ Breastfeeding support with latching and positioning; 1-3 hours or until comfortable in the hospital/birth center

~ One postpartum meeting in the home 1-2 weeks after family has settled in. We will discuss any questions or concerns you may have, your birth story, and providing information/ resources if asked

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Postpartum Doula Services

~ One meeting before birth to discuss: How to prepare for the return home and transition week, when services will begin, and any information or resources desired

~ Provide and loving and compassionate support for momma and baby

~ Provide a listening environment for momma when needed

~ Assist family and baby with transitioning into a new environment

~ Help and encourage breastfeeding by providing informational resources and techniques when necessary

~ Provide evidence based information when needed in your home, by phone, or email

~ Run short errands

~ Light house keeping (dishes, toys, baby laundry, and tidying of nursery)

~ Light meal prep

~ Overnight care (during first two months and based upon availability) Rate: given upon request

My fees are based hourly whether you need me once or more. My goal is to give you the best support possible.

Rate: $20/hour

{ 3 hour minimum – 6 maximum daily time block}

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