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Alycia Cullen

Birth Doula, TENS Unit Certified

As your doula, I strive to provide informational, physical, emotional, and advocacy support to you and your family throughout your pregnancy and labor. I offer non-judgmental support to all families and of all birth preferences. Prenatally, I help discuss fears, practice pain relief techniques, dispel myths, collect questions to discuss with your medical provider, facilitate the discussion of birth preferences, thoroughly discuss possible interventions and options, and provide the reassuring comfort that comes with experience and reliable support. 


In labor, I offer physical, non-medical pain-relieving techniques such as creating a calm environment, massage, counter pressure, water therapy, TENS therapy, temperature support, physical assistance with movement, and ideas for position changes.


Emotionally, I offer consistent support, listening with empathy, praise and encouragement, support without judgement, and preparation to work through fears. I provide advocacy support by facilitating communication between you and your healthcare provider, creating space for decision-making without pressure, and supporting your bodily autonomy. Also, as our maternity system continues to hold racial, economic, and LGBTQ+ inequalities, I ensure support, education, agency, and safety within the system and help combat these inequities and gaps of care. 


To your partner, I provide resources for preparation and the confidence to provide you the best support during your labor time. I can help reassure them and empower them to be fully present in the moment. I do not replace but enhance their presence and experience. 


I am passionate about empowering families to actively prepare for childbirth and parenthood. I emphasize the process of education and preparation to combat the fear of uncertainty. The story of your birth cannot be predicted or planned, but the process of preparation and building a trusted support team will help you and your partner navigate the process so that you emerge with the confidence that you were knowledgeable about your care, your body, and were treated with respect. 

More about me:


I discovered my passion for supporting birthing families through my own birth experiences. My first was born at an Atlanta-area hospital with an Ob-Gyn practice. I noted through that care that the “medicalization” of birth has created an environment where birthing families are no longer encouraged, educated, and supported through a very normal human event. Healthcare providers are ultimately responsible your and your baby’s health as “patients,” but this often means care that is impersonal and guided by prescribed, non evidenced-based protocol. I sought out a doula for my second birth and discovered that the doula fills an important gap in care between care providers and partners. I then went on to have two empowered Atlanta Birth Center births, one on land and one in water and subsequently completely transitioned my career. 


Through my first career as an emergency veterinarian (10 years), I learned first-hand that medicine is as much a science as it is an art. I learned the value of communication and patient-centered care. I found that in uncontrollable situations, knowledge, communication, and preparation allowed clients to feel supported and empowered in the outcomes. I learned that there is a big picture to medicine: pressures outside of just the patient in front of you. My medical background and ability to “see the fine print” allows me to serve my birth clients in navigating pros and cons and the complexities of labor situations. 


Pregnancy & Birth Support Package Includes:

  • One virtual intake meeting after booking (approx. 45 minutes) to set you up with any needed resources and plan future support needs.

  • Two prenatal visits (one virtual-2 hours, one in-person-3 hours) to get to know you and your family, build a birth plan, practice comfort techniques, build an advocacy plan, and discuss postpartum planning.

  • Unlimited e-mail/text/phone support throughout pregnancy.

  • Reachable 24/7 beginning four weeks prior to your estimated due date.

  • TENS unit use during labor.

  • Access to Evidence-Based Birth Professional resources.

  • Access to Birth Monopoly’s “Three Things Every Parent Needs to Know About a Hospital Birth” Class.

  • Full in-labor support, in-person or virtually based on birthplace policy.

  • Guaranteed back-up labor support (for emergencies or extremely long labors).

  • Immediately following birth, 1-2 hours of on-site postnatal support (if in person).

  • An in-home postnatal follow-up visit (approximately 2 hours) between 1-4 weeks postpartum.

  • (Optional: babywearing consultation, baby registry consultation, lactation support)

MEET Alycia


I live in North Atlanta suburbs with my husband, three children, and one spoiled dog. I enjoy singing, cosplay (Dragon Con is a yearly tradition), Disney, board games, quilting, hiking, ropes courses, scuba diving, and anything nerdy. I believe in vaccines and am a non-judgmental Christian. I speak French fluently. 

Get in Touch with Alycia!

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