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Ashley Loggins

Postpartum Doula and Placenta Encapsulator

Ashley Loggins is a Holistic, Catholic, wife and mother. She has three children and experienced completely different births with all of them. Her first was an emergency Cesarean, second was a VBAC just 17 months later, and 3rd was a precipitous un-medicated birth.


As a postpartum doula, Ashley enjoys helping parents adjust to having a new baby in the home whether it be your first or fifth baby. She wants your transition to be as smooth as possible. She believes every family's needs are unique and thoroughly enjoys working with you to create the best possible start to having your newborn at home. 


Whether you need occasional help or a couple months of consistent help, She can accommodate accordingly.  If you are a first-time parent looking for instruction on what's best for your newborn, she can guide you with tips and hands-on tools to help you feel confident.  If you are a "veteran" parent and simply looking for a second pair of hands or rest at night, she can help you too!


Ashley is a very passionate and caring Doula who believes that all families deserve the best possible postpartum experience by guiding and assisting them through their journey in parenthood.


Ashley's Nighttime care can look like:

•Guidance/instruction in basic newborn care

•Establish and implement sleeping and feeding routines

•Log baby's eating/sleeping patterns at night with detailed notes

•Wash, dry and fold baby laundry

•Wash bottles and breast pump supplies

•Make new formula or prepare bottles for the next day

•Assist and support mothers with basic breastfeeding as needed

•Tidy up your common living areas if it won't disturb sleeping individuals (load the dishwasher, wipe down counters, washing baby’s laundry, etc)


Placenta Services:

Postpartum healing can be seen as equally important as caring for yourself during pregnancy. During childbirth, women are pushed to extreme levels and it takes time and support to recover fully.

The placenta has been used as an ancient medicine, spreading across many cultures and traditions, and has very strong roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is also listed as a herbal remedy in the Materia Medica and is classified as an herb which:

~Tonifies the liver and kidneys

~Augments (boosts) essence

~Tonifies/replenishes Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang and

~Promotes lactation

....all are very important for your postpartum healing!


In the modern-day, women are expected to bounce back from childbirth rather quickly. Whether it be returning to work as soon as 6 weeks, tending to other children or family members, or both! Women now more than ever, are seeking the healing benefits of their placentas to encourage a speedy and full recovery from childbirth.


Women who have consumed their placenta have reported healing benefits such as: 

~Increase in energy

~Stabilized mood and emotions and balancing of hormones

~Decreased postpartum bleeding time

~Increase in milk flow

~Increase in Iron levels


Ashley provides both TCM and raw placenta encapsulation services as well as tincturing. She works with our clients to determine the appropriate method for them.


Her service includes: 

~Consultation and unlimited text/phone/email support

~Pick up of placenta and delivery of pills(which may result in them being mailed if out of 50-mile radius)

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