Birth Doula Services

Each Doula's services and prices vary. Each doula is responsible for their own fees and these fees vary. Below are a sample of services provided by our doulas. Please contact us if you need help determining which doula meets your needs.

  • Referrals (if desired) to midwives, doctors, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, chiropractors, etc.

  • Prenatal visits (not including the no-cost initial consultation). During these visits, we will discuss your birth history, your desires for your current birth, and your birth plan. We demonstrate for you and your partner massage techniques, positions, and exercises beneficial during your pregnancy and labor, and various comfort measures.

  • Phone/e-mail/text support.

  • Continuous on-call support when you reach 37 or 38 weeks gestation.

  • Continuous labor support when you go into labor. Depending upon your preference, Your doula will come to your house or meet you at the hospital/birth center, and will remain with you until the birth is complete.

  • Initial breast/chest-feeding support.

  • Postpartum visit. We will visit you in your home when you are ready. We will discuss your birth experience and address any needs you might have at that time, as well as evaluate breast/chest-feeding progress.

Birth doula

A person in birth is at once their most powerful, and their most vulnerable. But anyone who has birthed unhindered understands that they are stronger than they know.

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Stephanie is a DONA certified Birth and Postpartum Doula. She's been a doula for almost 4 years and has attended over 50 births. She prides herself on her professionalism and ability to collaborate with everyone on her client's birth team.

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Birth, Hypno Birth, and Postpartum Doula

Stephanie is a certified birth and postpartum Doula, as well as a trained Hypnobabies(c) Hypno-doula. Her passion for birth & beyond is evident in her nurturing approach. Caring is not just a part of her profession, it's who she is.


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Birth Doula

Katrina is a certified birth through Childbirth International, a Neonatal Resuscitation Provider, and has years of birthing experience. She enjoys working with all families but specializes in high risk, VBACs, home births, and c-sections.

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Registered UK Midwife, now Doula

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Charmaine has attended over 500 births as a midwife and doula in the UK. She currently lives in Alpharetta and offers both birth and postpartum doula services to Atlanta families.  


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Birth and Postpartum Doulas

Rachel is a ProDoula Certified birth and postpartum doula. She is excited to be a part of your parenting journey, no matter what form it takes. 


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Birth Doula

Delena is a DONA certified birth doula. Delena believes in traditional doula services that help prepare families for birth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She's passionate about empowering her clients with the tools they need to have a wonderful birth experience. 

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Participates in Doula On-Call

Birth & Postpartum Doulas, Birth & Lactation Educator, and Yoga Instructor

Courtney and Lauren are a doula team that work together to provide continuous care to all their clients. Courtney is a DONA and International Doula Institute trained birth Doula, certified breastfeeding consultant, and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Lauren is a DONA trained doula, yoga instructor and, twin specialist. Together they proudly serves all of Metro Atlanta in hospitals, home births, and and the Atlanta Birth Center. 

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Birth and Postpartum Doula, Birth Educator

Jennifer is a professional doula, childbirth educator, and certified herbalist. Her own experience with childbirth inspired her journey into the birth world. She has seen firsthand that information and empowerment can greatly affect the overall experience of birth. She believes that birth is a natural process and it is her goal to help the birthing person discover the power they have within to achieve the birth they desire! She is also a Baby Steps Childbirth Educator.

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Healther's Profile Pic.jpg

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulator and Lactation Counselor

Heather is a birth doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and nursing student. She's warm, easy to get along with, and loves birth work. Her goals are your goals. She wants nothing more than to see her clients feel empowered.


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Birth and Postpartum Doula

Shanitra is a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula. She is called to serve birthing folks who experience, post traumatic stress, triggers, obstetric violence, systematic racism, microaggressions, misgendering, and any other uncomfortable truths that may show up in a birthing environment.

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Birth Doula Team, Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation

Sara and Emily are professional birth doulas with years of experience. Sara is a registered nurse in addition to being a doula with over 14 years of experience in the medical field. Emily is a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula, a trained Hypnobabies(c) Hypno-doula, and has attended over a hundred births. Emily also offers placenta encapsulation, belly binding, and vaginal steaming.

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Birth and Postpartum Doula, Medical Spanish Interpreter

Haydee is a DONA certified birth doula, a postpartum doula, and a certified medical Spanish interpreter. She has personal experience carrying multiples and having a rainbow baby.

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