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Childbirth Education, Lactation Classes, Newborn Care, Infant CPR

A doula is not a replacement for a childbirth education class. We highly recommend learning about birth and infant care in order to help better prepare you.

A doula is not a replacement for a childbirth education class. Many of our doulas offer a variety of classes. To learn more about our doulas check out these pages:

We are also excited to connect the members of our community with an amazing local Atlanta resource Progressive Pregnancy by Amanda Shipley. Amanda is a pelvic physical therapist with more than 15 years of experience. Amanda is passionate about helping people make informed decisions through education. Amanda created this entire resource on giving birth from her unique perspective that comes for all those years of experience and her own two unmedicated home births. Check out

Hey there!

Hey there. I'm Sara, owner of Atlanta Birth Doula. If you are thinking of getting pregnant, already pregnant, postpartum, or just a human existing it is never too late to learn something new about your body. You are an ever evolving person and your body will go through many changes throughout your life. Embrace each new chapter by learning something new about yourself. I have worked in healthcare 18 years and I continue to learn new things year after year. Not just about healthcare or patient care, but about what the human body is and isn't capable of, including my own. My team and I are passionate about creating powerful life experiences through informed decision making. Be open to learning new things, even about yourself. Good luck out there y'all.

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