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Colleen Goidel and Emily Watkins

Professional, Continuous Support

Having supported hundreds of families, we understand that every journey is unique. We strive to help our clients feel a sense of agency, satisfaction, and connection with their births and their babies. Our goal is to help each client have a safe, positive birth and postpartum experience, empowered by compassion, knowledge and informed consent—whether their intention is an unmedicated or a medically assisted birth, at home, at the Birth Center or in a hospital.


We are a team—when you hire us, you get TWO doulas for the price of one. That means more attention, options, and support as pregnancy, birth, and parenting unfold. Looking for a childbirth class or placenta encapsulation? We’ve got you covered. Do you need postpartum support? You have two doulas! One of us will be at your service when you need it most. Our partnership ensures quality care for you and your family during this special, vulnerable time.​

Birth Services: 

  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout pregnancy 

  • Two in-home prenatal visits (one with each of us) to discuss preferences, priorities, fears/concerns, baby and postpartum plans, partner support, etc. 

  • 24/7 on-call support from the time you hire us 

  • Immediate on-site postnatal support 

  • An in-home postnatal follow-up visit

Postpartum Services: 

  • Email/phone/text support from the time you hire us 

  • Help with infant care 

  • Breastfeeding assistance 

  • Cooking and meal preparation 

  • Assisting with older children or pets 

  • Running errands and attending appointments 

  • General tidying up and laundry 

Additional Services: 

  • Lactation support 

  • Placenta encapsulation 

  • Postpartum belly binding


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MEET Colleen


I’m a DONA-certified birth doula and a CAPPA-certified postpartum doula.  I’ve attended over 200 births and am currently working toward IBCLC certification. My passion is inspired by my own experience as a mother and grandmother. Daily yoga and meditation help me to remain open and present so that I can support clients’ unique needs as birth and parenting evolve.

MEET Emily


I’m a DONA-certified birth doula (since 2013) and I am also in the final stages of my DONA postpartum certification. I have attended over 100 births to date and assisted over 40 families during the postpartum months. Prior to becoming a doula, I worked in health care and a variety of nursing applications for 8 years, eventually honing in on my passion for supporting expecting and birthing families. When I’m not attending births or assisting families, I can be found doing life with my husband, 2 daughters, and 2 dogs. I love learning about herbs and plants, experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying an afternoon of live music.

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