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Doulas On-Call

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. For any questions not covered below please contact us directly.

How does it work?

Contact Doulas On Call,678) 421-4407, when you are in early labor or have decided that you require doula assistance. The coordinator will contact a doula and provide them with your contact information. The doula will contact you, and discuss at what point she will join you at your birthplace. If you’re still in early labor, the doula may give you some tips and suggestions on how to remain comfortable as your early labor progresses before she joins you.


When will the doula join me?

A doula will join you once you are in active labor, or as soon as possible (1-2 hours) if you are already in active labor when you call.  The doula will ask you questions to help determine what stage of labor you are in and when to join you at your birthplace.

Please note that unless you are having a homebirth, our on-call doulas will not provide support in your home. If you are having a homebirth, we will ask for a quick confirmation call with your homebirth midwife. This is for the safety of our doulas.

When is payment collected?

Payment is due immediately upon requesting services. For your convenience, we accept payments through Paypal. 

Do you take deposits?

No. While we at Atlanta Birth Doula: Doulas On Call strive to provide a doula for every mom who requests one, we are unable to guarantee you a doula at your birth, and so we do not take deposits. If you would like the peace of mind of knowing that a doula will be there to support you for sure, hiring a conventional doula is probably a better fit for you.

Is there a list of doulas who might attend my birth?

Yes, but due to the nature of this service, our on-call doula availability shifts frequently. To familiarize yourself with the potential doulas that will join you please review the Birth Doula's Page. Each profile will indicate if the doula participates in the Doula's On-Call service. To guarantee the support of a specific doula during your pregnancy and birth, you must hire the doula as a Conventional Doula.


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