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Registered Nurse, Postpartum Doula, & Educator


I have always had a passion for helping mothers and babies. This led me to pursue my first career in nursing with a focus in mother/baby and pediatrics. I worked for 12 + years as an RN, first in a hospital setting as a mother/baby nurse, and then in a pediatric office setting, before shifting to doula work in 2020. 


Although I enjoyed my career as a nurse, I realized that I wanted to be able to provide patients with more personalized care and support beyond a hospital or doctors office. I felt limited in providing this extent of care as an RN, and felt that the medical responsibilities of being a nurse took away from my ability to be fully present with patients. I found myself wishing I could go home with my patients and help them in the day to day adjustment to life with a newborn. 


After the birth of my own two children in 2012 and 2015, I experienced firsthand how much support families need during the days, weeks, and months after birth. It was then that I learned about the role of postpartum doulas, and I knew that this specialized work is what I was meant to do. I decided to shift roles from RN work to postpartum doula work and haven’t looked back! I am now a certified postpartum doula through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). 


I no longer practice as an RN, although I keep my nursing license active. As a postpartum doula I provide non-medical evidence-based physical, informational, and emotional support related to routine postpartum and newborn care. My medical background and years of experience working with countless postpartum mothers and newborns has given me a broad knowledge base, and helps me recognize potential medical issues and know when to refer to appropriate medical providers should any problems arise. I have a wealth of tips and tricks to share with families that I learned during my time as a newborn/postpartum nurse. 


I am so thankful that I now have the ability to provide this extended nurturing support to families as a postpartum doula. I understand how beautiful yet challenging the postpartum period can be. My professional background along with my personal experience as a mother have given me valuable knowledge, insight, and understanding into this specialized work.


I typically work with families within the first three months following birth. You can schedule my services in advance before your baby arrives, or anytime after birth. Often new parents do not realize they need extra help and support until after their baby arrives and they find themselves struggling in those first few days and weeks. I would be honored to serve your family and help you adjust during this challenging and exciting time!


My Postpartum Doula Services include but are not limited to:

  • complimentary prenatal home visit/postpartum planning meeting 

  • unlimited phone/text/email support throughout the time that I am working with your family 


Emotional/Physical Recovery from Birth: 

  • Postpartum comfort measures/physical support (vaginal birth and c-section recovery)

  • Ensuring mom is nourished, hydrated & comfortable 

  • Processing your birth experience and emotional aspects of childbirth/parenthood

  • Promoting self care for mom & all family members 

  • Emotional support for moms dealing with postpartum anxiety/depression     


Feeding Support and Education: 

  • Breastfeeding support (positioning, latching, supply, milk transfer, engorgement)

  • Guidance through typical early breastfeeding challenges

  • Referral to lactation consultant if needed

  • Guidance & support with breast pumping

  • Bottle feeding/formula support and education

  • Cleaning pump/ bottle parts                                                                                                                                                                       


Newborn Care Education/Instruction: 

  • Swaddling, Diapering, Bathing, Burping

  • Comforting/soothing techniques

  • Infant Massage

  • Cues & Development 

  • Sleep Support

  • Baby wearing

  • Multiples Support 

  • Caring for baby so parents can rest, spend time with other children, have time for themselves


Assistance with Home Management:                                   

  • Light housekeeping/tidying 

  • Laundry 

  • Dishwashing

  • Household organization

  • Baby item organization

  • Light meal preparation - offerings from custom menu or recipes of your choice 

  • Freezer meal planning/preparation - offerings from custom menu or recipes of your choice 

  • Errands as needed                                                                                                                                                  


Referrals to Local Resources: 

  • Lactation Consultants

  • Pediatrician/OB

  • Support Groups

  • Parenting Classes

  • Counselors/Therapists

  • assistance finding appropriate childcare if needed after conclusion of postpartum services


I serve all types of families, including but not limited to: 

  • first-time parents

  • parents without family support  

  • breastfeeding mothers

  • parents with postpartum depression/anxiety

  • special needs babies

  • families fostering or adopting a newborn

  • multiples

  • premature babies

  • single parents

  • mothers recovering from c-section delivery

  • families with older siblings

  • recovery from difficult deliveries

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