Lauren Bernazza

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Lauren provides birth, postpartum, and coaching services to Metro Atlanta births in hospital, birth centers, and home.


Lauren is passionate about holding space for birthing people as they cross the threshold of birth + postpartum. She believes that every birthing person deserves to know their options surrounding childbirth and should receive unwavering support for their choices.  


Lauren specializes in supporting twin + multiples pregnancy,  LGBTQ+ families, women of color, and surrogacy journeys. 




-Free consultation at her office in Historic Roswell. We’ll sip on tea and get to know each other.

- 1 prenatal meeting where we will cover topics such as comfort techniques, options in labor, birthing positions, local resources, and a plan for your postpartum support. We'll also complete your birth preferences plan. 

- Unlimited phone, text, and e-mail support throughout your entire pregnancy and I will be reachable 24/7 beginning two weeks prior to your estimated due date. 

- You receive continuous support during your labor and delivery. The focus of my energy will be on making you feel comfortable and making your labor as effective as possible. After delivery, I will remain for 1-2 hours and makes sure that your new family are comfortable and ready for quiet time together. We also help with initial breastfeeding if desired and are available for phone contact to answer questions about the birth or baby. 

- 1 postpartum meeting. I like to get together with you within the first day or two after you come home to see how everyone is doing, to review the birth, and to get feedback about our role. 




Mother Blessings are a wonderful alternative or addition to a baby shower.  The focus in on celebrating the mother as she transitions into motherhood through pampering rituals and the sharing of blessings and food. I will work with a family member or friend of the mother to plan the entire event including an electronic invitation, location, decor, food, and activities. All mothers will receive a floral crown in their choice of colors, a blessing bead necklace, and a blessing candle. All guests will receive a candle to bring home and light when the mother goes into labor as a way to remain connected to her through her transition onto motherhood.




Twin Prep is a class for parents expecting twins or higher order multiples. As a Mother to TWO sets of twins and a Birth Doula, I will use my experience to ease your transition into twin-parenthood by offering you information, options, humor, encouragement and on-going support.  Topics for the class are finding your care provider, pregnancy health, nutrition, birth options, navigating a stay at the NICU, postpartum healing and your postpartum support plan, newborn care, feeding options, twin gear, and babywearing.

More About Lauren

​Lauren is a mother of two sets of precocious twins and two rescue mutts. She shares this life with her husband Tim in a wonderful 1960s ranch house in Historic Roswell, GA.    


Lauren holds a BFA in Fine Art from UGA and spent 8 years working in art administration for Fulton County Arts Council and various non-profits. The birth of her first set of twins brought with it an unplanned calling to stay home and raise her family. That choice was the first step on her path to birth work as it allowed her to fully immerse herself  in the world of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. The surprise of a second set of twins completed her family and encouraged even more research and self-education on childbirth.  


​Lauren has trained with both Carriage House Birth and DONA International and currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Georgia Birth Network.


When not busy doula-ing and enjoying life with her wild brood, Lauren spends time out in nature, completing yoga teacher training, fighting the patriarchy, and spending time with her amazing friends.