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Being a Birth Keeper

As birth workers we are infinitely compassionate to all around us, knowing that we are all interconnected. We are witnesses to some of the most amazing moments in a person's life. We have the honor of being present at new beginnings for both parent and child.

That is why here at Atlanta Birth Doula we support all families. No matter how a person looks, how they live their life, the choices they make, we honor them. We show them the compassion and respect they deserve. It shouldn’t take being a birth keeper to do that though. These are things that anyone and everyone could and should do.

You deserve to be loved, to love freely in return, to be respected, and to be yourself unabashedly. This is a human right. A basic human right that you are born with. We should all strive to do better, to be better. We deserve that, and our future generations deserve that. But let’s not wait for future generations to fix the mistakes of our generation. Let‘s make the changes now. Let’s show them how love can and will change the world.

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