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My name is Nitra, I’m a mother of a nine year boy, and a birth / postpartum doula moving as a vessal for love and compassion for those that I serve here in Atlanta, GA. I was born in Washington state, and I started my training in Seattle. Drawing from my hometown environment, I get inspired to create family dynamic themes through verses, photos, concepts, collages, and fiber work. These creations are sometimes gifted to clients. 


As a natural emotional laborer, I stumbled on the idea of birth work through fortune and was immediately enticed by an undeniable responsibility bigger than myself. I reflected on my own birthing and pregnancy experience during training and discovered my heart pulling passion to protect underrepresented communities.


As a shield of protection, I especially like to focus my work on the wellbeing of birthing folks who experience, post traumatic stress, triggers, obstetric violence, systematic racism, microaggressions, misgendering, and any other uncomfortable truths that may show up in a birthing environment. 


I provide doula care that reassures birthing folks that they have command over their bodies/ needs and I will protect those necessities.

Birth Services: 

  • 3 prenatal visits (1-2 hours)

  • Attend 2 doctor visits

  • Birth support

  • 2 prenatal visits 

  • Pregnancy/ Postpartum photography 

Other forms of support: 

  • Birth support

  • DV/ abuse support

  • miscarriage support

  • abortion support

  • teen pregnancy 

  • adoption support

  • satellite doula for remote or rural areas

Postpartum Services: 

  • To learn more about my postpartum services you can check out my page here.

Shanitra Fisher

Birth and Postpartum Doula

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