Atlanta Birth Doula Testimonials

Christine was my doula for the birth of my first child. I also attended her Baby Steps birthing class. This class is a must! I was so comfortable and excited to go into labor and have my baby naturally, with her by my side. The birthing class was SO helpful and informative. Christine was able answer every question we had, with no hesitation. She knew the hospital, the doctor, and all the ins and outs. Because she was so informative, it was so easy to put all of my trust into her. During labor, Christine was constantly encouraging me and telling me that I can do this, even when I doubted myself. She was incredible. I looked up to her as she had three kids and one more on the way. I knew she knew what she was doing and I would recommend her to every woman looking for an incredible natural birth experience!!
I have moved away but I will do anything to have her at my next birth! Literally.”

-Heather C.


Zoe was a God send through my pregnancy and birth. Though this was my second birth, I felt completely uneducated on what real birth could be like. Zoe spent time with my husband and I making us feel comfortable about what to expect with each level of labor. Her focus was on what I wanted my birth to look like and I never felt judgement from her. She provided daily support and encouragement during the last few hard weeks of pregnancy. […] Once labor FINALLY started, Zoe was in continuous contact and came over to support my husband and I as we labored at home. One thing I really appreciated about Zoe is that she coached my husband which allowed him to support me. Once my water broke at home, my labor became very intense. Zoe even coached me on speaker phone as we drove down the interstate! Zoe was a HUGE part of my amazing birth experience and I will forever be grateful to her for that gift. Her support was invaluable and I would highly recommend her for anyone who is expecting, no matter what type of birth you are planning.”

-Angela L.


Sherri was wonderful! This was our first homebirth and we wanted to have someone at the birth that could attend to me if my husband needed to be with our 2 year old. She was so helpful and attentive at the birth, and in the days leading up to the birth she would check in on me and answer questions that I had. She even came over a couple of weeks before to show us some techniques we could use in preparing for the birth. When we first met her, my husband and I instantly knew she was the person we wanted to be with us for the birth. She is very calming and relaxing and we felt so comfortable around her.”

-Cindy A


Nora was a great doula at both of my children’s births. Her warm bedside manner and coaching in the hospital, around the nurses and with the doctors created an empowering confidence for me and my husband. Her openness to options and her advocacy made the births go smoothly and allowed my husband to focus more on me and our child’s birth. Couldn’t have done it without her! Nora will always have a special place in our hearts.”

– Vicki S.


Susie assisted with the labor and delivery of my twins a year ago, and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience. We had debated whether we’d need a doula at all, but being a first-time mom carrying twins I was told I should expect a longer-than-average labor.  I figured I’d need lots of support, especially since it was important to me to deliver naturally and with no epidural.

In the end, I was so thankful that we had Susie!  Nothing went like the birth class had told me to expect.  My labor, from very first contraction to the 2nd baby being in my arms, was about 5 hours long. I essentially went from nothing straight to transition.  It was scary and extremely intense.  Susie was at the hospital in a flash when I called her, and helped my husband figure out the bathtub in the delivery room so I could sit in some warm water for a while, and afterwards help me find positions that helped and that would accomadote my huge twin belly. She helped my OB during delivery by holding my legs and continued to talk to me and help me feel in control throughout, until I had 2 beautiful full-term and naturally-delivered babies in my arms.

Other things I think made Susie really stand out are that she really reads and keeps up with the science and research of childbirth, and can really help a mom who wants to be informed for her decision making (I’m a Phd researcher myself, and had read most recent stuff, so I know for a fact that she knew what was worth knowing and then some more stuff I had missed). She is also direct and straightforward, and offers support and reassurance without being ‘gushy’ (I get turned off by the intense pampering offered by many doulas). She paid attention to what we wanted, took careful notes for our ‘birth story’ that she provided afterwards, and overall was an extremely positive part of my labor and delivery experience.”

-Amy B


Sherri was exactly what we wanted in a doula. She was very supportive. She listened to all my birth preferences and thoughts. She shared knowledge and experience with me without forcing her preferences on me. At the hospital she was AMAZING. Her presence helped make the entire experience wonderful. I would recommend Sherri to EVERYONE! Sherri also does placenta encapsulation which was another great service we got from her.

Thank you Sherri for everything!!!”

-Keturah H.


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