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The Atlanta Birth Project

Here at Atlanta Birth Doula we are dedicated to working with all families; LGBTQ+, women of color, low income, adoption, surrogacy. etc. We do the best we can to serve the growing families in our community. One of the ways we want to reach these families is by supporting the Atlanta Birth Project.

Their Mission:

The Atlanta Birth Project provides underserved communities with an integrative approach to childbirth education in order to empower women in informed decision-making for their bodies and their babies. Classes are committed to helping women challenge media messages about birth, build body knowledge, gain an understanding of medical terminology, procedures and interventions, and determine their own preferences for birth. Alongside prenatal yoga classes, mothers learn coping mechanisms, relaxation techniques and labor positions to reduce pain and help labor to progress. 

Doula Support:

The Atlanta Birth Project is committed to connecting laboring women with certified labor doulas in order to improve birth outcomes, reduce birth trauma and early infant trauma, and challenge cycles of poverty for underserved mothers.

Want to help these families? Below is a link to go and donate. Please join us in making our community a better place. Thank you!

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