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Jennifer is a Georgia native, a dedicated mother, a professional doula, and a Baby Steps childbirth educator offering premiere prenatal and labor support, childbirth education and pregnancy consultation to families throughout the metro Atlanta area. Her own experiences with childbirth inspired her journey into the birth world after seeing firsthand that information and empowerment can greatly affect the overall experience of birth. She believes that birth is a natural process and it is her goal to help all women discover the power they have within to achieve the birth they desire! By providing access to evidence-based education and unconditional support throughout pregnancy and birth, Jennifer hopes to replace the fear often associated with birth with empowerment and confidence in the birthing process for all women! She is also a certified herbalist, natural health professional, and a proud member of the Georgia Birth Network.

Birth Doula Services:

  • Up to 3 prenatal appointments to discuss the priorities of your birth plan or assistance in making a birth plan, your coping
    strategies for pain management/comfort measures, information on childbirth procedures and common interventions, labor rehearsal, the roles of any others who may be attending the birth, your goal for our partnership and how I can help you with your birth journey, any questions or special concerns (Cesarean birth, VBAC, water/home birth options, etc.).  May include a prenatal visit
    to your provider, if desired.
  • Additional prenatal appointments may be added at an hourly rate. (Common uses of additional prenatal include: birth planning, provider office visit, private childbirth education class, accompanying you as a support person to a childbirth education class, wellness consultation, Reiki Energy Balancing sessions and more!)

  • Unlimited phone, email, text or FaceTime/Skype access for any questions or concerns you may have throughout the pregnancy.

  • 24/7 On-call support 2 weeks before estimated due date until birth.

  • Continuous support throughout labor and birth.

  • Extended support for 1-2 hrs. after birth to assist with settling in with your new baby, initial feeding if necessary or until you are comfortable and ready for quiet time with family!

  • 1 post-partum follow-up appointment to talk about your birth experience, answer any questions, assist with referrals and dote over your new addition!

  • Option upgrade to include a 1-day childbirth preparation session to address pregnancy, birth and parenting concerns!

Additional Services:

  • Prenatal support/consultation only or birth support only

  • Reiki Energy Balancing sessions

  • Group or Private Baby Steps Childbirth Education classes


Jennifer Rivera

Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula



Jennifer Rivera is not only my doula for life she is my best friend. Without her support and guidance, after multiple miscarriages, I doubt I would have had the strength to continue . She was able to give advice and information that my was not offered by my doctors.  I was eventually able to maintain a pregnancy that lead to the birth of my beautiful baby boy. My pregnancy was not easy. I was a high risk gestational diabetic of advanced maternal age. Jennifer remained by my side offering help, guidance, support and helpful information. My first attempt at breastfeeding was a challenge. Trying to understand how to get a newborn to latch on when you have barely held a baby was difficult. Once again Jennifer never left my side. I am happy to say that I have been successful with breastfeeding for a year now. Not many people are blessed to be able to do what they love in life. Jennifer is a rare soul that has found her calling. I have never met a more genuine caring person and for that Jennifer will always be my doula for life. 


Jen was our doula for the birth of our wonderful baby boy! She was absolutely wonderful. During the pregnancy we did childbirth classes with her to prepare, she helped me write a birth plan, and was there any time I had questions or concerns. She was an incerdibly comforting person to have. Towards the end of my pregnancy she checked in frequently to see how I was doing. When I went into labor she met us at the hospital and was there the entire time helping me breathe, massaging my back, and applying pressure in helpful areas. I could not imagine giving birth without having her there. I had an all natural water birth and to have her there made the difference between me going all natural and me needing pain meds. She provided such a comfort in her presence for both me and my husband. She allowed him to take breaks, helped me to breathe and helped guide my husband on ways he could help me. I cannot recommend a better doula!!! 

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