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Our favorite apps to survive social distancing

We are so lucky to live in an age that allows us to stay connected while we're confined to our homes. As we navigate this pandemic we are finding ways to remain in touch with our loved ones. Here are some of our favorite apps right now and how we've been using them.

Zoom -- Video or voice calls. I personally use this to schedule all my meetings. It's been extremely helpful to us and our clients. It adds all my meetings to my calendar so I don't forget what I've got scheduled.

Skype -- Allows you to do video calls, send messages, and share photos or videos. I use this for our international clients, friends, and family.

FaceTime -- Video calls made easy between iPhones or iPads. We are an Apple family and this is an easy app to use when chatting with other Apple users.

Marco Polo -- Leave video messages for your friends and family. The best part about this, or maybe the worst, is your videos are saved. I've been using this with colleagues when we work at different times. I can return to previous messages when I start working.

Rave -- Watch Netflix shows, YouTube videos, or listen to music at the same time as your friends. Get your popcorn and wine cause it's like going to the movies! Hang with your friends while watching some of those new movies being released straight to streaming.

Some of the best ways to use these apps are to set up coffee, dinner, or movie dates. Make a meal together, play trivia, or join a book club. Attend a virtual yoga or workout class with your friends then chat afterward. However it may look, it's important to reach out and keep in touch with your people.

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